Air Hockey Classic

About this game

Air hockey is a Pong-like tabletop sport where two opposing players try to score goals against each other on a low-friction table using two hand-held discs ("mallets") and a lightweight plastic puck.

The objective of the game is to get the puck in the goal of your opponent. But watch out, the other player will try and score as well! The first player to reach 7 goals wins the match.

Game modes:

- "One Player": Challenge your mind by playing against your own phone or tablet! Will you be able to beat the AI (Artificial Intelligence)? This game mode has 3 difficulty levels: easy, normal, and hard.

- "Two Players": Play against your friends or family like a classic arcade game. This multiplayer variant is played on a single screen!

How to play:

First, pick a game mode you would like to play: one or two players. The countdown to the match will begin as soon as you do that. Drag on the striker on your half of the field to move it around. Try and hit the puck with your striker. The harder you strike, the faster the puck will go. Aim for the goal or shoot against the edges to trick your opponent. Develop your own strategy and become the greatest Air Hockey player of all time!


- Three difficulty levels

- Local multiplayer

- Sound effects

- Playtime Score

- High scores Leaderboard

- Beautiful and simple user interface

- Free to play