Knife: Slice and Climb

About this game

Do you have what it takes to slice your way up and reach the best score? This is a throwing knife, hit your target best simulator online and unblocked game.

Knife: Slice and Climb is an intense, fun and action-packed game where your focus is to try and throw the knife in the wooden planks. If you fail that, you lose the game automatically. If you can, however, cut an apple while also reaching the plank, you get some extra points. Plus, if you hit the green part of the wood, you triple your points.

Knife: Slice and Climb is an exciting and intense game where the way you play really makes a difference. Testing your capabilities and trying to improve your aim is crucial in this game, and it’s also the only main way to achieve great results and success. Do you have what it takes to reach a very high score? Will you win or will you end up losing due to bad aim?

In Knife: Slice and Climb, your skills always matter and you do get better every time you play. If you want to boost your aim, test it out or see how well you fare against other players, try this game out today!


Beautiful, immersive graphics

Intense, fun gameplay

Test your aiming skills

Slice the apple for extra points

Hit the green wood to triple your points

Intense, Fun and Action-Packed Game