Arrow Guy

About this game

Arrow Guy is an action-packed, engaging and fun archery game where you control the stickman and try to complete every level. With Arrow Guy you always have a large variety of levels you can play through, trying to fulfill those goals and move up the ranks.


In order to shoot your enemies, all you have to do is to drag the arrow towards your enemy. You need to pay attention to the angle and other factors that will influence your shot as well. You need to use the correct trick arrow to complete each level.

Unique puzzles

As you play, you can solve all kinds of different puzzles. This adds to the gameplay and it brings in the innovation and style you want, while also testing your limits. The game also allows you to be very creative when it comes to attacking your enemies, so you always have a unique perspective and attack style.

Immersive, beautiful world

The game world is detailed and it comes with 30+ levels for you to play through. You will appreciate the amazing style and the fact there are always new challenges for you to explore.

If you love archery games and really want to test your skills, give Arrow Guy a try today and enter one of the best archery challenges!


Immersive game world

30+ levels to play through

Great soundtrack

Numerous ways to finish a level

Stickman Archer

Trick Arrows

Stickman Archer Game with trick arrows and challenging puzzles.