Space Invaders Nostalgia

About this game

Space Invaders Nostalgia is a simple space adventure game, where you try to defeat as many aliens as possible before being destroyed. You have three lives, and your goal is too shoot laser to defeat wave after wave of aliens to earn as many points as possible.

This is an endless shoot them up arcade game, where the player can go on forever as long their spacecraft fighter is alive. There are two bonuses in the game: "Freeze" slowing down enemies for 5 seconds when it’s been collected by the player, and “Laser Line” which clears out every enemy on the screen.

The game has 4 difficulty levels, with each difficulty spawn waves of enemies. The game also has a character selection feature. There are 4 playable fighters in the game, with each unlocked with the player’s high score.


Ripper - 2,000 high score to unlock

Striker - 3,500 high score to unlock

Starbuck - 6,000 high score to unlock