Duck Hunt Select

About this game

Duck Hunt Select is the evolved version of a true classic. In this game your focus is to hit as many ducks as you can with just a few bullets to spare. Keep in mind that the dog will catch them and try to present these ducks to you, make sure that you avoid shooting him accidentally as it will damage your score.

This is a game where everything from your aim to reaction speed matter. You can’t just attack the ducks without strategizing and figuring out how you use your shots properly. It’s a very inventive and engaging game with lots of ways to test your skills. There will always be challenges as you play in Duck Hunt Select, and that’s why every game experience matters.

Plus, if you lose, you can always try again. Your focus is to try and acquire the highest possible score, while bringing in some fun, engaging experiences along the way. It’s a great way to improve your skills too, and the game is very colorful and fun too. You just have to test it out and see how good you will do in this amazing, fun and exciting classic title!


• Classic duck hunting gameplay

• Get the highest possible score

• Beautiful graphics

• Intense and fun gameplay