Shifty Ninja

About this game

Shifty Ninja is an exciting and immersive action game and endless runner where your focus is to duck all the incoming ninja stars obstacles and obtain the highest score. You’re a cool ninja that has to use all his skills in order to win. Even if it sounds simple, it’s not, because there are a lot of challenges you need to face.

Test your skills

The obstacles coming your way are very sharp and if they touch you, then you die and you have to start again. Shifty Ninja is a very intense and fast paced game with a lot of cool gameplay mechanics and it’s also really addictive. You always need to test your skills and push the boundaries in order to get the highest possible score that you want.

Fast paced and fun

As you play Shifty Ninja, you have a minimal amount of time to take any decisions. You really need to be wise and focus on taking the best decisions at the right time. Otherwise, you will have to repeat again and again.

How to play:

Slide the character to duck

Tap once to jump, 2 to double jump and 3 to glide

If you love exciting, interesting and fully immersive games, Shifty Ninja is the right title for you. Test your limits and skills in one of the top and most creative endless runners today!