- Infinite Jumping

About this game is a fun game for when you are bored and all you have to do is to jump through the circle only via the designated color ring that matches your ball color. You have infinity levels and lots of fun moments as you try to test your skills and have fun in an engaging way.

Intense, fast paced, yet strategic gameplay is very inventive and fun, while still maintaining a high level of simplicity. What you will love about the game is that it constantly pushes the boundaries and test your capabilities, while bringing in a large degree of fun and cool moments for you to explore. The gameplay is also very simple too, you just have to check the ball color and then continually grab the stars in front of you via passing through the colored rings. However, if the ring color doesn’t match your ball, it’s game over and you need to try again.

Enhance your skills and test them

The game is all about having patience and making sure that you carefully prepare for your every move. continually tests your capacity to press the button at the right time. And the higher your score gets, the more challenging every level becomes. It’s a game for the entire family, with kids and adults alike enjoying it and having a very good experience.

Play offline doesn’t require an internet connection, so once you get the game, you can play it anywhere you want. Since the gameplay is very addictive, you will find yourself playing for hours and hours on end, trying to engage your skills and truly push the limits as much as you can. It’s all about fun, innovation and just immersing yourself with great gameplay and plenty of unique moments to explore every time.

Get the highest possible score

In you always get to test yourself and see how far you can get. You always need to try and reach the highest possible score, which can become quite the challenge. But that’s the reason why you have to persevere and truly test your skills as much as you can. Because once you start playing, you always have that “one more time” push that keeps you engaged in the moment and ready to try out new things. If you enjoy games that test you and your skills, is the right one for you, so give it a try and get the best possible score you can achieve!

🌈 colorful design

🕹️ simple gameplay

🚀 set record

😃 no more boredom